How We Can Install Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Or Without Light Fixture

Relationship of low profile ceiling fan with light fixture in two-way mode

Your position of safety ceiling fan accompanies a coordinated light apparatus get together and a discretionary switch lodging top and attachment catch. This component gives you the choice of introducing the fan with OR without the included light apparatus. The technique is for introducing the position of safety ceiling fan with or without the light installation

Introducing with light fixture installation

To append the upper switch lodging, halfway introduce two lodging get together screws into the switch lodging mounting plate. Nourish the upper fitting connector through the inside opening of the lodging. Adjust the keyhole openings in the lodging with the lodging get together screws. Turn the lodging counterclockwise until the point that the lodging gathering fastens are immovably arranged the limited end of the keyhole spaces. Introduce the rest of the lodging gathering screw into the lodging. Fix every one of the three screws immovably.

Introducing without light fixture installation

To join the lower switch lodging, interface the upper fitting connector from the engine to the lower connect connector to the lower switch lodging get together. Place the lower switch lodging get together finished the upper switch lodging. Adjust the side tighten openings the upper and lower switch lodgings. Append the lower change lodging to the upper switch lodging with three lodging get together screws.

Note: Both attachment connectors are energized and will just fit together one way. Ensure the connectors are legitimately adjusted before interfacing them. Off base association could make disgraceful operation and harm the item.

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