Procedure for Installing Ceiling Fan

There are ten step to install low profile ceiling fan. The low-profile ceiling fan is to be recognized 1as most importantly and successively use in is also use in international market. If we want to install the low-profile ceiling profile fan, then we will be kept the following point in our mind

Step 1:  Guidance for installation

Step 2:  Fan Inspection

Step 3:  Designing of Outlet Box and Rough-In Wiring

Step 4:   Ceiling Plate Installation

Step 5:  Motor Hanging

Step 6:  Final Wiring

Step 7:  Finish Fan Assembly

Step 8:  Attaching and Balancing the Blades

Step 9:  Attaching the Upper Switch Housing

Step 10:  Attaching the Lower Switch Housing

Step 11:  Operation of Fan

These are the step that we will be remember when we want to install the low-profile ceiling. Your new low-profile ceiling fan is an expansion to your home or office that will give solace and execution to numerous years.

Detail Description of Guidance for installation

The first step is important to install the low-profile ceiling fan. The first thing that we need is, Select establishment site. Verify that in ordinary utilize no question can interact with the turning fan cutting edges. The mounting site should likewise meet the precautionary measures recorded in Step 3 underneath. Now, installation equipment is incorporated for a standard drywall or mortar roof. You will require a 4″ x 1-1/2″ or 4″ x 1/2″ octagon outlet box and wire nuts (3) which can be obtained from any handyman shop or electrical supply house. The fan edges must be mounted no less than 7′ over the floor. For most extreme proficiency, they ought not have any check (dividers, posts, and so on.) inside 24″ of the sharp edge tips. See Figure 1 for mounting separations.

Explanation about fan inspection:

This is the second step to installation of low profile ceiling fan for Unload the fan painstakingly to maintain a strategic distance from any harm to the parts. Check for any transportation harm to the engine get together and the fan cutting edges. In the event that more than one fan is being introduced, keep the coordinated and adjusted fan cutting edges in sets of five as they were dispatched. Should one of the fan cutting edges wind up noticeably harmed amid shipment, restore all edges in the set for substitution. Check substance to be sure it contains a pack of parts.

Designing of Outlet Box and Rough-In Wiring

Secure metallic outlet box 4.00″ x 1-1/2″ or 4.00″ x 1/2″ profound to 2.00 x 4.00 cross support between two roof joists as appeared in Figure 2. The outlet enclose must be recessed to the roof by 1/16″ least. Secure the outlet box to the cross prop by penetrating (2) pilot gaps no bigger than the minor distance across of the wood screws (5/64″) and utilize two #8 x 1-1/2″ wood screws and washers. Utilize the deepest gaps for securing the crate. Situate the container so the furthest openings are lined up with the 2 x 4 support.

 Ceiling plate installation

Bore two pilot gaps into the wood bolster structure through the peripheral gaps in the outlet box. The pilot openings ought to be 9/64″ in distance across. Your fan accompanies four neoprene commotion (“Isolators”). Position the isolators between the roof plate and roof by embedding’s the raised zones on each isolator into the gaps in the roof plate. String the lead wires from the outlet confine down through the gap the center of the roof plate. Adjust the opened openings in the roof plate with the pilot gaps you bored in the wood bolster structure. For appropriate arrangement utilize opened openings specifically opposite each other. Place a level washer on each of the two 3″ wood screws and go the sinks through the opened openings the roof plate into the pilot gaps you penetrated. Fix the screws into the 9/64″ pilot gaps; don’t utilize oils on the screws. Don’t over fix.

Concept about hanging motor

Lift the engine and embed the plastic holder into the opening in the front of the holder section. See Figure 7. Ensure none of the wires are caught between the plastic holder and within the holder section. Turn the engine and plastic holder get together until the lower half of the plastic holder fits into the square opening in the base of the metal section. Check the gathering by attempting to pivot the engine and plastic holder get together. At the point when appropriately introduced the upper piece of the plastic holder will sit level inside the holder and the get together won’t pivot.

Final wiring

Interface electrical supply prompts the leads from engine, utilizing endorsed connectors. Interface dark electrical supply prompt the dark engine lead and the dark with white stripe engine lead (see note). Interface the white electrical supply prompt the white engine lead. 3. Associate the ground wire to the green leads

Finish/Complete Fan Assembly

Utilizing two 8-32 by around 5/8″ long screws from sack parts, string the plastic holder locking screws into the back of the holder section. Place the fan lodging over the engine gathering and attach the lodging to the roof plate utilizing the four screws gave (two into each side).

Connecting/Attaching and Balancing the Blades

Connect wood cutting edges to sharp edge sections utilizing (3) screws for every edge. On the off chance that your sharp edges have expansive openings you should first embed the elastic grommets into the gaps. Grommets are normally collected by hand. On the off chance that you utilize an instrument, verify you don’t harm the grommet or cutting edge while embedding’s the grommets.

Appending/Attaching the Upper Switch Housing

Somewhat introduce two #6-32 x 3/8″ lodging gathering screws into the switch lodging mounting plate. Nourish the upper attachment connector through the inside opening of the upper switch lodging. Adjust the keyhole openings in the upper switch lodging with the lodging get together sinks introduced sub-step. Turn the upper switch lodging counterclockwise until the point when the lodging gathering sinks are solidly arranged the restricted end of the keyhole openings.

Attaching the Lower Switch Housing Warning

To evade conceivable electrical stun, separate power by killing the circuit breakers both to the outlet box and to its related divider switch area. On the off chance that you can’t secure the circuit breakers in the off position, safely affix a conspicuous cautioning gadget, for example, a tag, to the administration board. All wiring must be as per national and neighborhood electrical codes and ANSI/NFPA 70. On the off chance that you are new to wiring, you should utilize a qualified circuit tester.

Operation of Fan

Turn electrical administration on at principle board. Switch works in this grouping: “high,” “medium,” “low,” “off.” Pull fasten gradually to work. Additionally, discharge the affix gradually to keep tie from flying up into cutting edges, perhaps bringing about harm to sharp edges or force chain. The breakaway connector is intended to isolate from the chain at a foreordained power. In the event that this partition happens, basically reinsert connector. It can be reused over and over

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